Friday, April 6, 2007

100 Things About Me (working Progress)

1. Born in Pensicola Florida Naval Hosiptial

2. Move to Hawaii in 1960

3. Had very white hair.

4. Walked barefooted to school.

5. Walked in the Jungle to school.

6. Im the oldest of 3

7. We moved from Hawaii in 1968

8. My dad was a newspaper reporter

9. I have met many stars.

10. I have been on front page newspapers in articles

11. I love swimming.

12. My favorite beach is Black Sand Beach

13. My favorite candy is Sweet plum (hawaii)

14. Love Poi

15. Hand a great childhood in Hawaii.

16. Second part of childhood was in Ontario and Alta Loma.

17. Parents divorced my mom remarried (chuck, wont talk about him).

18. Not to great childhood but i made it.

19. Graduate Alta Loma Hi 1976 bicentel year.

20. Real big time Hippie.

21. No one would mess with me at school hang out with the loadies.(but didnt do drugs)

22. Couldnt have boyfriends due to Stepfather ugh.

23. Was madly in love with Rick never talked to him because of stepfather.

24. Mentaly abuse me never touched me but i survived my sister and brother didnt.

25. Dug myself into hard rock and crafts.

26. Had a best friend Name Tinkerbell.

27. Worked in a niteclub taking in money at the door .

28. Saved eneough to buy a car $250.

29. Took my drivers license hit two cars on the way home.

30. Met Van Halen and other various Artist at the club i worked at.

31. Drummer asked me out but i was to young and he was too drunk.

32. Dated a few young goreous men

33. Got kicked out of house force to live with Jerry.

34. He purpose to me later i met someone .

35. I let that one get away.

36. Worked as a Detective in a Department Store.

37. Met my First childs father

38. Had Kristina at age 25 1983.

39. Father was nowhere in site.

40. So far happy till i met my second and third child father.

41. Had no where to go put up with it for 5 years aBuse.

42. Hit him and moved to Texas with Father.

43. Raised my children and worked.

44. Met my second family the Library.

45. Worked as front desk at library for 3 years.

46. Went to college for 3 years didnt get a degree.

47. Lacking one credit of Associates for computers.

48. But have alot of college hours.

49. Later Promoted to the best job i could get Bookmobile

50. I delivered library materials to nursing homes.

51. I fell in love with the elderly.

52. And them fell in love with me.

53. Had the best Boss and Job.

54. Then Cancer came crashing Down.

55. Endometerial Cancer ruined my life at the library.

56. Endometerial Cancer diagnosed May of 2004.

57. On June 4, 2004 had Hysterectomy (my birthday)

58. Had 6 treatments of strong chemotherapy.

59. Had 3 Internal Radiation Treatments.

60. Hysterectomy totall success cancer removed.

61. 100 percent cure down below.

62. Chemotherapy effect ravished my body.

63. Many effects have changed in my body many problems.

64. 1 year later moved to Sc to be with daughter.

65. Doctors found problems with lungs.

66. Just swollen lymnoids.

67. Doctors find out i have Sleep apena due to weight from Steroids.

68. I stay at home taking care of 3 grandkids .

69. I sell craft leaflets at various auctions.

70. I have or join many craft clubs on internet.

71. Been online since 1996.

72. Love to play Canasta craftypiggie is my name on pogo.

73. Love to play bingo online.

74. My favorite craft is crochet.

75 . I also quilt, cross stitch and knit.

76. My favorite band is Queensrchye.

78. My favorite color is Turqoise.

79. My favorite movies are lord of the rings and highlanders.

80. My favorite person is my Mom Deanna was my best friend.

81. The person i hate the most beside exes....Hitler.

82. My favorite outdoors is swimming at beach(myrtle beach) and fishing.

83. Love to ride 4 wheelers.

84. When i look outside i see trees and flowers not weeds or trash.

85. My Favorite flowers are daisy.

86. My favorite food is Chineese or Japaneese.

87. Love tex mexican food (Texas).

88. I have 2 daughters and 1 son all over 18.

89. Have a fish called blueberry.

90. Love cats

91. Favorite Tv Show is Ghost Hunters

92. Favorite all Time show is XENA

93. I watch Days of our lifes, All my Children, One life to Live, General hosiptal

94. Read Vampire books and love stories from Nora Roberts.

95. Love to cook and Iron Chef America